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The Alpino paints are much more that you can imagine. Its formula is super covering and ready to use, the 14th colors of the range are bright and easy mixable to achieve the perfect finishing: uniform colors that dry quickly. super shine. The use of tempera is indispensable in the development of children’s art expression and Alpino paints are ideal for use in school, because of tis formula as well as the several formats.
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It is very easy to work with Alpino paints, in the school or at home. Discover the DIY techniques that we have prepared,
all of them suitable for children and adults!


sun14 bright colors
sunSupercovering colors
sunReady to use, there is no need to add water
sunEasily mixable to create new colors
sunQuick drying
sunFree of main allergens
sunPossibility of application on any porous surface
sunWashable in almost all types of fabrics
sunNo cracking


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