We manufacture and distribute make up party products with the highest quality of all the market. We are the leaders in the Spanish market and we have a great tradition and loyalty among our consumers. With our I+D department we like to fulfil the current demands from our consumers constantly working on new formulas.
We come from a company called Industrias Masats dedicated in manufacturing and distributing stationery products. Moreover Industrias Masats is part of Flamagas Group that develops its activity into the lighter industry, cigarette paper and stationery categories. Flamagas is also present in the market of consumer electronics under other licensed brands.
Finally, Flamagas is integrated within the Exea Corporation, a large group that includes companies from different sectors, dedicated to the world of cosmetics, fashion and drugstore products.




We want to create products that our consumers can enjoy with complete safety and reliability. For this reason all our products have a Traceability system, where all the manufacturing process is controlled from the raw materials to the finished products. Certifying that all our products comply with the European safety standard EN71 and guarantee their innocuousness.

Principal characteristics of our products:

  • Our Manufacturing process is under ISO 22716.
  • Our products are:
    • Free of main allergens (that cause the 99% of allergies.)
    • Free of paraben
    • Water Washable
  • They follow all European directives and are declared in CPNP (Portal Cosmetic Notification
  • They are dermatological tested as a cosmetic product having a dermatological control and safety assessments in external laboratories.




Our headquarters are situated in the city of Barcelona. We are a dedicated team fulfilled on making the consumers demands into reality. Moreover, our factory is located in the surroundings of Barcelona where there are working another group of people creating our products.

The I+D department and our quality department are the most important departments for us because as we have said before our objective is to create products that our consumers can enjoy with complete safety and reliability.