Step by Step: Carnival

With our carnival pack of Alpino Fiesta you can find all that you need for transforming yourself in the king or queen of carnival. In this step by step we explain you how to do the buterfly look.

The set contains:

  • Cosmetic Pencil
  • Brush
  • Two sachets of glitter
  • 6 sticks of assorted colors
  • Bright tattoo sticker

Introductions for the step by step Buterfly Make-Up:

  1. With the blue, red and white sticks we draw the wings of the buterfly
  2. With the black stick we remark the edge of the wings that we have previously drown.
  3. With the white and red stick we drow the details of the wings.
  4. With the cosmetic pencil we simulate the details of the wings of the buterfly and with glitter we decorate the make-up look.


Introductions for the step by step Clown Make-Up:

  1. With the white stick we paint all the face except the mouth and the chin.
  2. With the red stick we paint the lips simulating the clowns smile.
  3. With the blue stick we mark the eyebrows and with the green one the nose.
  4. With the black stick and the cosmetic pencil we mark the mouth, eyebrows, eyes lines.


Pack Alpino FIESTA Carnival