Ideas for Halloween: Bat clothespins

We have already presented some ideas to make more realistic your Halloween party. But there are more things… we have though also in decoration and we propose something easy to make: bat clothespins. Create the right atmosphere for your party!

See how to make it with our step by step.

Material needed
1. Wood clothespins
2. Black cardboard
3. Graphite pencil (JUNIOR in the picture )
4. Alpino Paint Marker felt pens, black and white colors
5. Alpino scissors
6. Alpino Glue Pen

Step by step

  1. Draw with a pencil in a black cardboard the wings of our bat. You can get inspired of Internet images, anyway it is easy to draw!
  2. Cut the silhouette of the draw wings
  3. Take a clothespin and paint the surface with the color black of ALPINO PAINT MARKER. If you can not reach the small parts of clothespin, you can use another Alpino felt pen.
  4. Now, with the color white of ALPINO PAINT MARKER, we make two small circles on the top fo the clothespin simulating the bat eyes. Once the White color is dry, with a black felt pen we paint a small circle over the white circle. Now we have ready the eyes.
  5. We have to put together the paint clothespin with the wings. We have used Alpino Glue Pen in order to get the parts together (put the glue over the black clothespin).

And Voilá! We have ready our clothespin-bat. Now we can hang up strokes (spider webs), terrifying pictures or any other things!