Ideas for Halloween: Sausi Mummies

We propose you an easy dish for your Halloween party.

We present you the sausi mummies, the Frankfurt sausages rolled-up in puff pastry, baked and covered with ketchup. So tasty as well as funny!

We show you how to prepare it:

What you need 

  1. Frankfurt sausages
  2. Puff pastry
  3. 1 egg
  4. Black olives
  5. Ketchup

How to prepare them

  1. Cut the puff pastry in thin portions and prepare them as a bandage (all the portions together without clear order). Children can help you, as this is the funniest part!
  2.  Put on the top the sausage and roll it up as you prefer. Leave free a part since this will be the face face of our sausages
  3. Boil an egg and with the white part make 2 circles, these will be the eyes
  4. Take a black olive, made 2 small circles and you will have the pupils
  5. Baked some minutes depending the information of the puff pastry packaging
  6. And finally, add some ketchup as it was blood!

We already have our sausi mummies. Enjoy and catch out your guests with this dish inspired in Halloween!

salchi momias2