Ideas for Halloween: Ghost candle holder

Would you like to prepare a Ghost candle holder? Children will have so much fun!

Step by step

  1. Apply white paste on the glass with a brush and cover the jar with WC paper. Let it dry for a few minutes
  2. Apply again white paste and put the bandage over the jar. Wait until the bandage will be totally dry.


3. Make the same with the second jar
4. For a better and “real” finishing you can add a strip or plaster
5. Paint in a paper 4 black circles with our ALPINO PAINT MARKER (best option for this surface). You will have the eyes, cut them
6. Paste the eyes
7. Use once again the bandage to cover the eyes

Material needed

-Recycling glass jars
-WC paper
-Alpino scissors
-Manley White paste
-Alpino Paint Marker felt pens
-Plasters or strips
-White paper
Show your artist and decor your home for this Halloween!