Special Halloween


The most terrific party of the year is getting close and the range of Alpino Fiesta have some specific products for Halloween. Our make-up is dermatologically tested and its free of the main allergens. It’s water washable and it does not need base or remover.

Special Halloween product selection: 

1. Special FX Wax

Wax for deformation and special effects. Includes application spatula.

How to use it? Get a little bit of wax and knead it with the help of the fingers and the spatula until obtaining a dough enough soft that it can stick in the skin. Once you’ve got the dough apply some srtificial blood and some black make-up with the help of a cosmetic pencil in the wound creating a real effect.

blister cera

2. Artificial Blood

Our artificial blood simulates real wounds apllying it directly on the skin or for a more realistic effect applying it beneath the Special FX Wax.

blister sangre

Below you can see the result of the wax and the blood on the skin:

Mano Herida_Special FX

3. Special Effects Set: 

With this special effects complete kit it includes everything needed to get the terrifying aspect like the artificial blood, special FX wax, make-up sticks, one spatula and one sponge.


4. Halloween Make-Up Set: 

Wit our Set it’s really easy to recreate a skull make-up. The set includes a cosmetic pencil, a brush, glitter, 6 sticks of assorted colors and tattoo stickers.


5. Monsters Make-Up Set: 

Do you want to become a monster? All the make-up that you need in an unique set that includes: 6 sticks of assorted colors, tattoo stickers, cosmetic pencil, brush and two sachets of glitter.



The zombie characterization has become real popular in the last years making the day of Halloween in the day of the zombies. In Alpino we want to help you to create a zombie look. Take note of our tips and our special make-up.

Material needed:

  • Artificial Bloog (all the details in the products selection of special Halloween)
  • Special FX Wax (all the details in the products selection of special Halloween)
  • Sticks Make-Up
  • Old clothes

Prepare the zombie clothes:

  1. Get a t-shirt and one pants of light colours that you can tear and break.
  2. With scissors make some cuts in the clothes.
  3. With the artificial blood paint the broken part to make a more realistic effect.
  4. Once you have done the 3 first steps squeeze the clothes with the objective of getting a more dirty and authentic effect.

And now you are ready to start the make-up

  1. Wash your face before starting the make-up.
  2. Start doing a pale tone in the face with the  white Face Stick  applying it directly into the skin.
  3. Apply the black  Face Stick simulating eye bags and strengthen the checks and mix it up with the white make-up.
  4. Once the make-up is dry, shape it with the fingers until it gets softer enough to stick it on the skin.
  5. Put the wax on the skin and spread it out with the help of the spatula making it a irregular shape.
  6. Once the wax has stuck on the skin we will apply the artificial blood.
  7. To get the best effect of the wounds you can use black or purple make-up, it will help you to get dark some zones and to simulate a bruise.
  8. Repeat these steps as many times as wounds you want to create.
  9. As a final step with the black or purple Face Stick you can draw some veins in the forehead to obtain a more terrific and real aspect.


We have showed how to become a zombie but this is not the only option. We also propose you a Mexican Skyll characteritzation. Di you know that besides beeing an international symbol of the dead and the day of the deaths it’s also associated with the pleasure of living facing the truth of the death.


It’s really easy to create a Mexican Skull make-up. We explain you how to do it:

Material needed:

  • Alpino Mousse Make-up: White, black, purple, pink and gold.
  • Cosmetic Pencil
  • Brush

Step by step:

  1. Clean the face before applying the make-up and draw with the cosmetic pencils the lines of the principal shapes like in the eyes and the nose.
  2. Apply the White mousse all over the face. We can do it with the fingers or with the help of the brush. Dilute the make-up with water for a better coverage of the skin. We advise you to apply the make-up with thin and uniform layers.
  3. With the Black Mousse and a brush paint the nose and the eyes according to the lines you have drawn on the first step.
  4. Blend the white and black mousse and create a grey colour and apply it in the checks.
  5. Draw a web spider in the forehead with the help of a brush and the Black Mousse.
  6. With the Purple and Pink mousse paint the details around the eyes.
  7. With the gold mousse draw some lines in the checks.
  8. And finally, put some roses in the hair and you will have a characterization of a Mexican Skull.

Below you can see the video tutorial of the Mexican Skull:

Moreover, with our Halloween Set you will find all that you need to become the most terrific character of the night.  It includes a step by step instructions sheet and all the necessary materials to get the day of the dead’s look.

The set contains:

  • Cosmetic Pencil
  • Two sachets of glitter
  • 6 sticks of assorted colours
  • Bright tattoo sticker.

Step by Step: CATRINA WOMAN:

  1. With the white stick we cover all the face.
  2. With the black stick we draw around the eyes to simulate the halls of a skull, we draw the nose and also we blur with the black stick the pommels.
  3. With the green, red and purple sticks we draw the little details of the eyes, pommels and the chin like for example flowers etc.
  4. With the help of the cosmetic pencil we draw the lines of the lip, remark the flower of the front and paint different lines with the objective of creating a terrific look.

It’s really easy to get a terrific beauty!


Step by Step MAN SKULL:

  1. With the white stick we cover all the face.
  2. With the black stick we draw around the eyes to simulate the halls of a skull, we draw the nose and also we blur with the black stick the pommels.
  3. With the green and red sticks we draw the black eye bags and the little details of the eyes.
  4. With the help of the cosmetic pencil we draw the lines of the lip, the spider web and paint the lip lines with the objective of creating a terrific look.

With this Halloween Set it’s really easy to create a really terrific Halloween Make-Up.


Set Alpino Fiesta Halloween




With our Monsters Set you will find all that you need to become a sorceress. It includes a step by step instructions sheet and all the necessary materials to get the sorceress look. It would be really easy to become the most dreaded.

The set contains:

  • Cosmetic Pencil
  • Two sachets of glitter
  • 6 sticks of assorted colours
  • Bright tattoo sticker

Step by Step Sorceress Make-Up:

  1. With the green stick we cover all the face.
  2. With the black and white sticks we draw the lines around the eyes simulating wrinkles.
  3. We remark the lines with the red stick.
  4. We remark the strokes with the cosmetic pencil making the details of the eyes and using the silver stick to remark the pommels.

Are you ready to bewitch the world?

Set Alpino Fiesta Monsters


halloweenDO IT YOURSELF 

Get ready with our masks! 

We have ready the decoration and food for our Halloween party, so now what? Time to get dress!

We propose 9 different masks, you can download them ready to use or you can have them just with the silhouette, therefore children can customize every mask. Be creative!

  1. Frankenstein
  2. Pirate
  3. Demon
  4. Zombie
  5. Witch
  6. Mummy
  7. Black cat
  8. Owl
  9. Bat


Ghost candle holder

Would you like to prepare a Ghost candle holder? Children will have so much fun!

Step by step

  1. Apply white paste on the glass with a brush and cover the jar with WC paper. Let it dry for a few minutes
  2. Apply again white paste and put the bandage over the jar. Wait until the bandage will be totally dry.


3. Make the same with the second jar
4. For a better and “real” finishing you can add a strip or plaster
5. Paint in a paper 4 black circles with our ALPINO PAINT MARKER (best option for this surface). You will have the eyes, cut them
6. Paste the eyes
7. Use once again the bandage to cover the eyes

Material needed

-Recycling glass jars
-WC paper
-Alpino scissors
-Manley White paste
-Alpino Paint Marker felt pens
-Plasters or strips
-White paper
Show your artist and decor your home for this Halloween!

Bat clothespins

We have already presented some ideas to make more realistic your Halloween party. But there are more things… we have though also in decoration and we propose something easy to make: bat clothespins. Create the right atmosphere for your party!

See how to make it with our step by step.

Material needed
1. Wood clothespins
2. Black cardboard
3. Graphite pencil (JUNIOR in the picture )
4. Alpino Paint Marker felt pens, black and white colors
5. Alpino scissors
6. Alpino Glue Pen

Step by step

  1. Draw with a pencil in a black cardboard the wings of our bat. You can get inspired of Internet images, anyway it is easy to draw!
  2. Cut the silhouette of the draw wings
  3. Take a clothespin and paint the surface with the color black of ALPINO PAINT MARKER. If you can not reach the small parts of clothespin, you can use another Alpino felt pen.
  4. Now, with the color white of ALPINO PAINT MARKER, we make two small circles on the top fo the clothespin simulating the bat eyes. Once the White color is dry, with a black felt pen we paint a small circle over the white circle. Now we have ready the eyes.
  5. We have to put together the paint clothespin with the wings. We have used Alpino Glue Pen in order to get the parts together (put the glue over the black clothespin).

And Voilá! We have ready our clothespin-bat. Now we can hang up strokes (spider webs), terrifying pictures or any other things!

pinza murciélago

Decora con figuras de Magic Dough

We keep on suggesting more ideas to decore your Halloween party or your class. In other blog posts you have seen how simple is to create figures with Magic Dough, so we want to encourage you to create the following figures:

Witch hat:

  1. Get some Black Magic Dough and make the shape of the hat (you can get inspiration on the image below or search some inspiration on the internet)
  2. With Orange Magic Dough make the details of the hat base.
  3. On top of the Orange detail make a little brooch with the black magic dough.
  4. Take some Black Magic Dough and prepare the base of the hat.

After this steps we have our witch hat!



  1. Take some Orange Magic Dough and make a ball to establish the details of the pumpkin.
  2. We get some Black Magic Dough and we do the eyes and the mouth of the pumpkin.
  3.  Finally, with Green Magic Dough we create the stalk of the pumking and we put it on top.



  1. Get some White Magic Dough and do the shape of the Ghost Body.
  2. Continue molding the figure with more White Magic Dough
  3. Get a pencil and do the gap of both eyes and stuffed them with Black Magic Dough.

And that’s it, we have our own ghost!



  1. Do a little ball with Black Magic Dough and strecht it a little bit. It will be the body of the mommy, so after all it will be more like a rectangle and not like a ball.
  2. Do a white line around all the shape that you have created on step number 1 with White Magic Dough.
  3. With Black Magic Dough create the limbs of the mummy.
  4. When we have the body of the mommy we do the same steps for the head of the mommy.
  5. With Red Magic Dough we do two balls simulating the eyes of the
  6. We superimpose the head on the body and we will have our own mommy.





Do you like the cupcakes that we have made? They are easy to make as well as tasty!

Prepare your cupcakes as usual but add black chocolate on the top. Then make the spider web with powdered sugar or cream; start in the centre with straight lines until you reach the base of the cupcakes (as you were drawing portions). Later on, you can make the horizontal lines with small curvatures. You have ready the spider web!

Finally, you can add sugar skulls made or any other

Get inspired with our pictures!


Fuente: Laura – lesmevescuquis.com

Sausi Mummies

We propose you an easy dish for your Halloween party.

We present you the sausi mummies, the Frankfurt sausages rolled-up in puff pastry, baked and covered with ketchup. So tasty as well as funny!

We show you how to prepare it:

What you need 

  1. Frankfurt sausages
  2. Puff pastry
  3. 1 egg
  4. Black olives
  5. Ketchup

How to prepare them

  1. Cut the puff pastry in thin portions and prepare them as a bandage (all the portions together without clear order). Children can help you, as this is the funniest part!
  2.  Put on the top the sausage and roll it up as you prefer. Leave free a part since this will be the face face of our sausages
  3. Boil an egg and with the white part make 2 circles, these will be the eyes
  4. Take a black olive, made 2 small circles and you will have the pupils
  5. Baked some minutes depending the information of the puff pastry packaging
  6. And finally, add some ketchup as it was blood!

We already have our sausi mummies. Enjoy and catch out your guests with this dish inspired in Halloween!

salchi momias2