NEW Liquid Liner, let’s make-up your parties!

Our range of Alpino Fiesta has grown up considerably in last years. Air Jordan 6 Uomo

nike air max 2016 goedkoop A few months ago we present the Mousse Make-up, the ideal option for covering large áreas. Air Jordan Retro 5 Adidas Ultra Boost Homme Now we launch the LIQUID LINER, a liquid water-based make-up with applicator. chaussures louboutin soldes And why it is different from others?   tubo-liquid-liner-oro_abierto

  • The Liquid Liner is presented in a jar of 6 gr. and includes an useful applicator which allows to draw on the skin, highlighting features of the makeups and outline accurately and quickly.


  • The jar has a cannula which is anti drip and remove the excess of make-up while obtaining the optimal quantity
  • Wide range of 12 colors. They can be overlay once dry


  • It does not need foundation either moisturising soup. It can be directly apply on the skin
  • As a water-based make-up, it is easy to remove just with water. No make-up remover is need.
  • As all of our Alpino Fiesta range, the Liquid Liner has been tested dermatologically and it is a cosmetic product free of main allergens

The Liquid Liner make-up is available in several formats. You will find it individually, in a box of 4 units (special for groups) and blister format of 2 colors:

  • 2 units in black and white
  • 2 units in gold and silver
  • 2 units in pink and purple
  • 2 units in yellow and green
  • 2 units in blue and red
  • 2 units in orange and Brown

Our new make-up is very easy to use and the result over the skin is perfect, as well as confortable. Well defined and not cracking. nike air max tn hombre The Liquid Liner can be used together with our Make-up Mousse. The combination of both allows to have a large area painted with small lines drawn. nike air max 90 mujer Remember that Mousse Make-up must be dry before applying Liquid Liner. Femmes Air Jordan 13

mousse_obert What are you waiting for? Liquid Liner is already here! Visit our videos step by step and discover why our make-up is going to be your best choice in every party.