Ideas for Carnival: Princess special

Products special Princess Resultado de imagen de LINEAS SEPARADORAS PRINCESAS

Little girls love princesses and this costume is more tan popular. nike air max 1 og femme Is for this reason that Alpino Fiesta range has a selection of special products. adidas ultra boost uncaged męskie Our make-up is dermatologically tested and its free of the main allergens. adidas superstar 2 mujer It’s wáter washable and it does not need base or remover. Find below the special selection of products for becoming a princess.

Aqua Make-up palette Princess

Water-based &soluble make-up palette, extra covering. Canotte Portland Blazers The palette format allows make-up comfortably having all colors and brush in the tray.


Blister Face Stick

It’s the most clean and useful make-up, thanks to their retractile and rotating system to keep your hands clean, 5gr sticks.

face stick niñAS

Glitter stick

Transparent base make-up with coloured glitter with lipstick format of 4 gr.

Est. 5 Glitter Stick

Make-up sticks Fiesta Princess

6 make-up sticks of 5 gr to make-up like a princess.

Alpino Fiesta PRINCESS

Set Princess

Complete tematized make-up sets with 6 sticks of assorted colors, bright tatto sticker, cosmetic pencil, brush and two sachets of glitter.

Alpino Fiesta SET PRINCESS

Blister Liquid Liner Pink & Violet

Liquid water-based make-up with applicator includes, bottle of 6 gr. buy bns gold Ideal for drawing on skin, highlighting the features of the makeups and outline accurately and quickly. Easy, comfortable& practical!. Asics Gel Noosa męskie Blister of 2 u in pink&violet colors.


Blister Liquid Liner Gold & Silver

Blister of 2 units in gold & silver colors.



Would you like to become a princess?

You will find the solution with our Alpino Fiesta Princess set. new balance rouge et bleu marine All you need in one set: make-up and step by step guide!

Step by Step

  1. With the silver and pink sticks we draw the shapes that we want in the forehead and the pommels (we draw differents shapes like a crown, a star or a heart)
  2. With the blue and purple sticks we draw the details of the shapes that we have drawed before.
  3. With the gold and white sticks we continue drawing the details of the make-up, like for example we draw the heart, the circles etc.
  4. With the cosmetic pencil we remark the lines of the crown making it more remarcable and visible. We also can make the lines of the star and we put the glitter on the make-up.

Set Alpino Fiesta Princess



It’s really simple to do a mask. We explain you how to do it: Material Needed

  • Alpino Mousse Make-Up:
    • Gold Colour
    • Black Colour

Step by step

  1. With a cosmetic pencil white we draw the profile of the shape.
  2. Once we have drown the line we refill the draw with the Alpino Gold Mousse Make-Up. We can apply it directly with the finger or with the help of a brush.
  3. With Alpino Black Mousse Make-Up drowing the black lines of the mask applying it with a brush.