Create your penguin with Magic Dough


Make a black ball and mold it into an oval shape, this will be the body of our penguin. Make an other white ball with the modeling paste.


Place the white ball on the lower part of the body that we have made with the black modeling paste. Now we are going to make the penguin's legs. Take a little orange modeling paste and create the legs, they should have a shape similar to a tear. We place the legs at the base of the body. Take a look at the image for following correctly the steps.


Using two white clay balls and two black balls, create the penguin's eyes. For the beak, we will use orange modeling paste and cut it into a triangle shape.


We put the eyes and nose on our penguin.

Now, with black modeling clay, we make the shapes of the wings and join them to the body using the tool. We already have our penguin.

If you want your penguin to become another toy, let it dry for 24 hours.

With Magic Dough you can create all the figurines you can imagine!

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