Alpino has high quality graphite pencils and resistant lead for school and office use. The graphite graduation of Alpino pencils is the classic HB = 2, ideal for writing and drawing. 


Write, draw and sketch...

Alpino offers a wide range of graphite pencils in different formats: Junior HB pencils, triangular graphite pencils, mechanical pencils, charcoal pencils...

Discover our entire wide collection!



What types of graphite pencils are there?

Junior graphite pencils have 4 varieties, the hexagonal graphite pencil ideal for all students, the hexagonal graphite pencil with eraser to erase small mistakes on the fly, the triangular graphite pencil for easy grip and the graphite pencil jumbo for the little ones.

What kind of lead do graphite pencils have? What does HB means?

Graphite pencils have a lead made of a mixture of graphite and clay, the variation in percentage of these two components makes the lead softer or harder. The most common are HB pencils, which are in the middle of the hardness scale and are ideal for writing and for school and office use.

How to paint with graphite pencils?

Junior graphite pencils in addition to writing offer great possibilities for expression and variation to complete drawings. These pencils are especially suitable for shading, streaking or smudging. They can be used alone to perform techniques with different shades of gray or together with colored pencils to add shadows and highlight details.

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