✨ We explain you how to make a simple and fun carnival mask ✨


  • Balloons
  • Kitchen paper.
  • Brushes.
  • A container.
  • Kaicut scissors.
  • Manley White Glue.
  • A graphite pencil.
  • Felt pens.
  • Alpino Crea+ Glitter Glue.


The materials are cheap and it is an easy craft to do for example with children. We show you here the step by step and a video:

1. Blow up a balloon with the size of the head of an adult or a child.

2. Cut the kitchen paper into strips and place it in the balloon with Manley white glue. Make several layers to make the mask solid. Let it dry for a few hours until the kitchen paper gets tough.

3. By the way, make a design of your Carnival mask. Measure well the measurements of the face: eyes, nose, etc.

4. Cut the hard kitchen paper with Kaicut scissors following the pattern. Don't forget to trim the eye area carefully!

5. Finally, we color the mask with felt pens or tempera. With the Glitter Glue from Alpino Crea+ + we can give a touch of glittler at our mask.

We will have our super Carnival mask ready! When you have your mask, you can make some holes on the sides and add an elastic band to place it on your face. You can also decorate your mask with feathers and rhinestones.

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